Can you solve a murder?

Analyze clues. Piece together evidence. Catch a killer.


"...the most immersive murder mystery I've ever done. I felt like a real investigator."
-Todd R. (Verified Buyer)

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What is Killer at Large?

Killer at Large is a murder mystery game built for crime-solvers, amateur detectives, and true crime enthusiasts. Every other month you'll receive a new murder case, where you'll need to analyze evidence and decipher clues in order to catch the killer. With realistic evidence, you'll feel like you are solving a real-life murder case.

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Killer at Large - Murder Mystery Game

How It Works

Receive a murder mystery box delivered right to your door filled with realistic clues, evidence, and forensic reports. Summon your inner detective to solve the mystery and catch the killer.

Receive a murder mystery box

Analyze the evidence and decipher clues.

Determine motive, and catch the killer

What our customers are saying

Here's what a few of our customers have to say about Killer at Large.

Killer at Large Customer Review
5 Star Review - Killer at Large
I felt like a detective
“It was fun pouring through all of the evidence to solve this case. The case was in depth, and the clues were really unique. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves crime dramas.”
-Lauren G.   Verified Buyer
5 Star Review - Killer at Large
The perfect date night
"My wife and I were looking for something different for date night and came across this. We were nervous it might be too easy, but it ended up taking us over 2 hours to solve. 100% will be buying again."
-Tom R.   Verified Buyer
5 Star Review - Killer at Large
What's not to love
“Realistic? Check. Detailed? Check. Engrossing? Definitely. My friends and I can't get enough. We turn off our phones, grab some wine, and solve a murder. We can't wait to solve the next one!”
-Sarah H.   Verified Buyer

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You can choose between a One Time Purchase, Bi-Monthly Subscription, or Annual Subscription. Once you place an order, your order is shipped within 1 Business Day.

We offer a 30 Day, full money back guarantee. If for any reason you do not 100% love us, just send us an email and we will process a refund - no questions asked.

one time purchase
Medium/Advanced Difficulty

Billed Once
One Time Purchase
1 Case to Solve
$2.95 Shipping
Feel like a Real Detective
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
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bi-monthly subscription
Medium/Advanced Difficulty

billed EVERY 2 months
Bi-Monthly Subscription
1 Case Every Other Month
FREE Shipping
Feel like a Real Detective
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
You Save 21%
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annual subscription
Medium/Advanced Difficulty

$150 billed ANNUALLY
Annual Subscription
1 Case Every Other Month
FREE Shipping
Feel like a Real Detective
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
You Save 28%
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A Fully Immersive Experience

With realistic evidence and a gripping story, you'll feel like a real detective. Join us to elevate your crime solving skills.

Killer at Large - take a break from technology

Take a break from technology.

Killer at Large - Have fun with family or friends

Have fun with family or friends.

Killer at Large - Detective Game

Or give it a go solo.

Killer at Large - Analyze the evidence

Dive into the evidence.

Killer at Large - Create a murder board

Construct a timeline.

Killer at Large - Solve a murder

Will you catch the killer?

How killer at large is different

Killer at Large gives you the most fun, realistic, and immersive investigative experience possible.

  • Completely Technology Free
    (No phone or laptop needed)
  • Solve a Complete Mystery with just One Box
    (Yay, no waiting for more boxes!)
  • Amazing Customer Service
    (We're here to wow)
  • Lots of Fun
    (I mean c'mon, all murder mysteries are fun!)
  • Killer at Large - Murder Mystery Game
  • Main

Killer at Large is perfect for you if...

Your passion for true crime cannot be rivaled.

Some might say you're a Dateline addict.

You would be an investigator in another life.

No mystery or puzzle is too challenging for you.



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